About Bitter Melon - The History

Bitter Melon is a vegetable that is used extensively in Asian countries. It is widely grown and used in India, Southeast Asia, China and East Africa, where it is used as a food as well as a medicine. Bitter Melon is also called bitter gourd and its botanical name is Momordica Charantia. It is used primarily as a powerful home remedy for diabetes. It is one of the least known and liked vegetables but it is more nutritious than the famous spinach, broccoli or banana. Although the seeds, leaves and vines of the bitter melon have been used, the fruit is the safest and most prevalent part of the plant used medically. Bitter Melon has long been used as a remedy for many problems but now a number of scientific studies have proved the immense health benefits of bitter melon.

A study conducted by Saint Louis University in 2010 reported that bitter melon extracts stunted the growth of breast cancer cells and that the vegetable could someday be used as a chemo preventive agent against breast cancer.

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"Our findings suggest that bitter melon extract modulates several signal transduction pathways, which includes breast cancer cell growth", said lead researcher Ratna B Ray,Ph.D., professor in the Department of Pathology at Saint Louis University. "This extract can be utilized as a dietary supplement for the prevention of breast cancer".
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The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that the bitter melon can be used to treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Bitter Melon has been studied for its ability to lower blood glucose levels as well as reduce serum glucose levels within the body. The University of Michigan Health System also confirms that bitter melon has been used traditionally to treat diabetes, as well as for internal and external cancers.
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